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NUUO Software Download, include


Device pack


NVRmini firmware

NVRmini 2 firmware

Titan family

Supporting cameras

NVR IP+ supported camera (v 4.0)

NVRmini supported camera list (v 2.9)

NVRmini2 supported camera list (v 1.6.0, 2012/10/19)

Titan family supported camera list (v 1.3.0, 2012/10/19)



NVRmini2 FAQ

Camera FAQ

NUUO Design Tool for (Calculator)

DVR compatible hardware

NUUO products Compatibility List


Project info form | Project Info Form (Web)

RMA request form

NDA form (20120410)

NDA form <NUUO_中文版> (20120410)

SDK info form


DVR specifications

(DVR cards comparison matrix)

Input/Output devices

NVRmini specification

NVR/DVR/Hybrid software features

NUUO NCS features (CMS)

Release Note

SOP Standard Operation Procedure

Support Hours and Contact Information

United States & Canada

Tech Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 7am – 5pm (Pacific Time, UTC-6)

Toll-free: +1-877-241-7035

Contact: eHelpdesk

EMEA and Asia

Online Tech Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm (Taipei Time, UTC+8)

Contact: eHelpdesk

Telephone: +886-2-7739-2260

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