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How to setup C31A and I/O box to work with NVRmini?

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NUUO provides remote I/O solution for NVRmini by connecting SCB-C31 with NUUO I/O Box SCB-C24/26/28. Refer to the below architecture, I/O device is connected directly with I/O Box, and input/output signal delivered in RS485 format are converted to Ethernet through SCB-C31A. NVRmini can use the signals to do more sophisticated setup, such as starting recording when input triggered, triggering output as an event happened, and much more.

MiniIO structure.jpg


(1). Hardware Installation

Step 1: Connect SCB-C31 with power source and with internet by RJ45 LAN cable.

Step 2: Connect I/O Box with power source.

Step 3: Connect SCB-C31 and I/O Box with cable, positive connection (TX+/D+ and DATA+) and negative connection (TX-/D- and DATA-).

Take SCB-C31 with I/O Box SCB-C28 for example as below. C31A&C28.JPG

(2). Setup IP address and port of the C31A

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer to setup SCB-C31. The default IP address is

Step 2: Setup IP address and port.


If the IP has been changed, use TRP-C3X manager tool to search the device. To change the IP address or port…etc, double click on the device found and configure.

!!! Note: the serial port mode must be RS485H


(3). Setup address/ID of the I/O box

Execute IOConfig.exe, type in the IP address and port of SCB-C31A, and click the Scan button. When the I/O Box is discovered, click on the item and change the ID from the New Address field. Click the Update device button to activate the settings.


(4). Setup on NVRmini web setting page

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and log in to the NVRmini.

Step 2: Click POS & I/O -> I/O Settings -> I/O Box Settings.

Step 3: Enter the information of C31A & I/O box. Click the Create button, and the information will be updated in I/O Box List

IOsetting on NVRmini.JPG

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